Friday, June 27, 2014


I really wanted ''my picky eater'' as a blog name, but somebody already stole in some biatch who hasn't blogged SINCE 2007. Selfish. Don't worry though I haven't abandoned West 26th...I've just been dealing with a child who refuses to eat and a baby that's been sick for two weeks. Oh and you know moving our entire house while our floors get redone. Oh and then getting robbed. FUN STUFF! But really I'm sick of writing down everything Cash does take a bite of on an old scrap of paper...then losing it a day later. So here we are. My journal per se to keep track of meals Cash likes and to hopefully help other moms who are going through the same thing (and maybe get paid for it?). Because this shiz is HARD. Like harder than sleep training and giving birth and being pregnant two years in a row (#yeahfreakingright).


Confession #1: sees Cash eating pasta off the floor. says nothing.